Benton Pore Clear Brush

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Have you ever tried cleansing brushes? The only cleaning tool I have ever used to clean my face is konjac sponge but I had the difficulties in stored & dried it. So when Benton was looking for a tester to try out the cleansing brush, of course I was very interested, and fortunately I got the chance.

What is it? It's a quick-drying antibacterial silicone brush which overcame the difficulties of drying & storing for old brushes. This sounds great!

Product's Features :
- 0.4 mm thick of 4000 micro silicone bristles remove wastes & sebum inside pores effectively.
- Can be cleansed thoroughly which is much meticulous than using hand.
- The softness cushion feeling of brush gives comfortable feeling without giving any irritations to skin.
- It can be dried & stored at the same time by attaching to the holder.

My Experience 
When this product came I was surprised because the smell was so bad, it smelled like old rubber, but my friends said it would disappear later.

I use it by pumping top cap of the handle to reach the maximum strength until it looks like cushion. Actually it's recommended for pumping 3-5 times. Then I applying the cleanser directly on my face rather than put it on the brush. I massage in a circular motion for the forehead and cheek area, while for the nose and chin area using the edge of the brush.

I was amazed by how soft the brush was, it felt very comfortable on my sensitive skin. After I rinse my face with water, there was no signs of a bad reaction. I saw my pores look cleaner, and after using it several times I noticed that my blackheads & whiteheads were greatly reduced.

I use this brush 2-3 times a week. The unpleasant smell disappears after I used it twice.

Overall this is a brush that you must try if you have problems with blackheads & whiteheads.

This product was sent by Benton Cosmetic in exchange for honest review.


  1. Apa ada efek samping buruk jika brush digunakan setiap hari kk??